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Behind the Lens

Hey there, I’m Kayleigh Kay!

   The things I am most passionate about in life are photography, family, and Music.

   Not only do I photograph people who are looking for a luxury experience, but I also get to remind them of how beautiful they are inside and out by capturing them in an intimate setting.

   I have had my work featured in multiple print publications and magazines such as Elegant Mag, Elléments Magazine, and BeauNU. My love for photography also led me to start my own magazine, Philocaly Mag.

   When I’m not busy working on photo and video projects or editing, you can catch me in the kitchen trying out some new recipes, kicking back on the couch watching CSI or Ryan Reynolds movies with my Fiance/Doozy partner or

Grabbing boba with friends.

    I am an official photographer for the raw project, an art of emotion graduate, and am a featured photographer on everybodies education and Wild at heart

Flirty boudoir
Flirty Boudoir
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