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"Flirty Boudoir is the best photoshoot experience I've ever had. So much more than just a shoot. Kayleigh puts her heart and soul into your boudoir session and it shows. The location is STUNNING, and most important: safe and sanitary. The boudoir experience is meticulously detailed and unique to the client's style and comfort. The packages and product options are the most brilliant quality.
The final edits are a reminder I can keep with me through life and remember how powerful I can be."


"Kayleigh's special gift is that she brings out the beauty and specialness of those she photographs. Don't feel pretty, or special? Book a session anyway. My first session with Kayleigh was after a bad breakup. The entire session was about "me", even though I didn't feel like I mattered so much. This session changed my life. Other photographers are good photographers and take beautiful photos but Kayleigh's focus is on you, and she brings out the YOU. This is a rare and special gift she has and this is what makes her an exceptional photographer."

Flirty Boudoir is absolutely electric to be apart of:
It is a soul-searching moment of finding your inner happiness and comfort within yourself and expressing it in art, which may I add- is unapologetically satisfying. Having Kayleigh as your photographer will cheer you on the whole time, validating your style and customizes your captivating features. Kayleigh is more than a fantastic photographer, she's a life-coach who hyper-focuses on supporting what is important to you- you will shine through the photos AND take away a memory that personally inspired you. Kayleigh will connect with you like no other and have you feeling sincerely special


"I had an amazing experience with Flirty Boudoir. Very responsive to all my emails and questions; and proactively prepared me for exactly what to expect before, during, and after my shoot. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone that has considered doing a boudoir shoot but was hesitant in the past. Go for it! You will feel special and like the star of the show."

"I love working with Flirty Boudoir! Kayleigh makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while laughing the whole time! I look forward to working together again in the future. highly recommend!"


"Shooting here is a wonderful experience, Kayleigh is amazing and I've loved the photos every time! highly recommend her"!

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