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Film Diaries pt. 2

I often discuss how boudoir doesn't have to be one specific style or look - that the genre is ever-evolving. I feel like my sessions with Kevlar b lightning and Jolene Sage really show just what I mean with that.

i PHOTOGRAPHED BOTH OF THESE AMAZING PEOPLE ON the same CANVAS BACKDROP, wearing body jewelry by the same designer, we used some of the same film stocks, and natural light - but they are completely different vibes! (Jo's is even quite different from their first look from our session together that you can see on this blog post)

Kevlar sparkled and shined as she posed and danced in our body chandelier. We captured joyful movement as they danced and stunning sultry images as we slowed things down.

We also did digital photographs for Kevlar's look while Jolene's session was all taken on Film.

Jo opted for casual and comfortable - and no make up - a strong and sporty look for them with just a touch of sparkle in their choice of body chain and jewelry.

If you're not someone who's into posing on beds, or our glam room is a bit too extravagant for your style - that doesn't mean that boudoir isn't for you. We can do stripped down sessions with the various backdrops and tapestries - from classic white to bold florals.

Boudoir sessions are all about celebrating you in a way that makes you feel confident, empowered, and beautiful.

Want to learn more about what we offer?

Contact us to schedule a call or chat via email!

-Kayleigh Kay


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