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Film Diaries pt. 1

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook the past year, you may have noticed i started experimenting with film again... and doing so much more often the past 2 months.


Jo IS NO STRANGER TO FILM PHOTOGRAPHY, AS A FELLOW PHOTOGRAPHER, THEY ALSO LOVE USING POLAROIDS AND INSTANT FILM. So when we had the opportunity to work together again, I just knew they were the perfect person for this idea.

Also, this harness was one of the first pieces I bought for the client closet, and I'm pretty sure Jo was also the first person to see it when we got it... I have wanted to photograph them in this set since the second i laid my eyes on it. It has been sitting off to the side patiently waiting for us to get together again and make that dream a reality.

We took away all of glitz and glam for this session to really just focus on Jo and their badass style and energy. No sets, no make up, no studio lighting... JUST Jo.

It's something that hasn't been seen much from Flirty Boudoir since we had a designated and private space to focus on boudoir... but when I first started, a white backdrop was all I had. It was a lot of fun sort of going back to my roots for this photo shoot.

Film really holds a special place in my heart as well, and it has brought back so much nostalgia for me. It has reminded me of a time where instant gratification didn't happen the way it does today... it has taught me patience (okay, mostly.. I literally drove directly to the film lab after our session) and has shown me a new excitement in THE anticipation of waiting to see the results of a photo shoot.

I hope you all love this little spicy set as much as we do!

Interested in your own boudoir session or want to learn more about our experiences? contact us here!

xoxo, Kayleigh Kay

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