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I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 32!

It's my birthday!!

There's something so much fun about doing a photo session for your birthday and just celebrating another year of life, even amongst the chaos.

two years ago i explored the feelings of how 30 was supposed to be "the year", going through the pandemic, and having to be quarantined for a milestone birthday.

This year, I wanted something that was far more colorful, expressive, celebratory... something that was more "me".

I had the wonderful help of doozy's intern, Emmie, for gathering all of my props and photographing the studio look and my fiance, Brian, for capturing something a little more *spicy*.

Ironically, after narrowing down all of the beautiful photos, i ended up with 32 final images that I just couldn't pick from.

I hope these photos inspire others to celebrate their big day in a way that is authentically them!

- Kayleigh Kay

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