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Queer Photo Club Chicago

Happy Pride Month y’all!

I couldn’t think of a better time to share photos from the last Chicago Queer Photo Club meet-up.

Black and white portrait of a model lying on a hardwood floor and looking into the camera
Black and white portrait of a model lying on a hardwood floor

Something that excited me about this particular meet-up was that it wasn't your typical, large photo event where everyone is shooting over each other's shoulders so the subject doesn’t know who to look at, it was a much more close-knit event which really allowed us all to take our time creating together and experimenting.

It was also so awesome seeing how each of us created such different images of the models with such a stripped-down set by lighting differently and through our directions. It allowed me to see the creative process from a new perspective.

The theme for this event was “black and white” so my focus shifted away from capturing colors and instead towards focusing on light, shadow, and emotions, trying to truly capture the essence of each model individually. It also led to my decision to use both film and digital photography - because many of you know, I’m a sucker for some black and white film.

When I’m working with film (especially medium format where I only have 12 frames to capture per roll) - I am much slower and deliberate when I take a photograph. I watch through the viewfinder and wait for that perfect moment to press that shutter.

Digital, on the other hand, allows me to experiment more freely and give movements for the subject that I will shoot through quickly. Digital also allowed me to edit a few of the images in color. I can’t say that I prefer one style of working over the other because they both produce beautiful results.

Another perk of this event was talking shop with my fellow photographers who are also film enthusiasts - geeking out over gear, sharing tools like our Fractal Filters so we could all experiment in new ways, capturing us at work with behind-the-scenes content, getting to pose for each other, and just hyping everyone up was such a wonderful day.

instax and medium format cameras

Queer Photo Club is so much more than a photoshoot - it’s a day of artistic exploration, shared passion, and creating new connections with fellow creatives in the LGBTQIA+ Community. Each event I have attended has truly been such a beautiful, welcoming, safe space - I cannot recommend attending an event if you can!

A group photo of the members of Queer Photo Club Chicago

And again, happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

Models: Cris and Gorb

Photographer/Event Host: Jolene Sage / Queer Photo Club

Photographer: Jim Jam

Film Scans: Bellows Film Lab



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