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Boudie Babe: Poppy Seed

Miss Poppy Seed is no stranger to the flirty boudoir studio, in fact, she's been to the new location THREE TIMES!

I will admit, I have slacked on sharing a lot of these gorgeous photos to our blog! So these are just some of our fave photos that we have created over the past couple of months.

We have documented some of the changes both of us have experienced between the new studio, body changes, and some of the new techniques i SPENT LEARNING.

One of my personal favorite things about working with Poppy is her awesome style and willingness to try anything! As you can see with her sessions, it's always something unique and fun!

This next set of images are from one of our art of emotion class projects... This time, we explored the emotions of Desire, vulnerability, flirtation, and pleasure!

I was so thankful that she trusted me to try this new technique with her and the kinds of images we created were some of the most powerful images we've created to date.

We asked this seasoned boudie babe what advice she would give to someone who was on the fence about booking their own session and she said "There will always be a reason to wait, so don’t let that stop you."

Don't wait any longer, Contact us to book!

#BeFlirty - Kayleigh


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