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The RAW Project

I have been anxiously waiting to share this incredible news with all of you! Get ready for some real, RAW, and honest emotions as well as some stunning images. (nudity warning)

Over the past year and a half, I have been working really hard to find myself as a boudoir photographer. While photography isn't anything new to me, boudoir is such an intimate and personal experience that I get to share with my clients. I have been reading, researching, doing tutorials, and shooting as much as possible to help make the experience the best it can be.

In my research, I found a wonderful mentor named teri Hofford... she's one of a kind and is all about body positivity and being as inclusive as possible, she's the one who photographed the billboard that inspired my "All bodies are beach bodies" photoshoot.

In learning from her, I found out about The RAW Project. The RAW Project was created by Emily Scott Pack and is all about offering "Real Authentic Women" a new kind of intimate portrait experience. It's all about showing your client that while being all glammed up for your boudoir or portrait session is a lot of fun and can make you feel like a total vixen, you are still just as beautiful without all of it.

Emily was kind enough to give me the opportunity to submit to be an official photographer for the RAW Project, and I am so honored to announce that I have been accepted.

The following images are the photos I submitted and I am so thankful for Echo Voxx, Kevlar B Lightning, Holly Rose, and Poppy Seed for trusting me to photograph them in such vulnerable states. These photos have zero styling, zero make up, and there is no retouching other than making the images black and white.

I have found something special with The Raw Project, I have Finally found myself as a boudoir photographer. I hope you love these as much as I do.

Contact me for information on how you can book your own RAW session,



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