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When Lightning Strikes

*Full disclosure, you're in for a doozy (pun intended)! There are lots of photos and mushy friendship moments coming up!

You may have noticed that we haven't created with our friend and ambassador Kevlar. With the pandemic, it hasn't been an option to really get out. We had many porch visits through her window, but after 14 months, two weeks of quarantine, a couple of pokes, and 4 negative covid tests, we FINALLY were able to get together to shoot at the new studio!

Kev and I both agreed that spending time with each other, doing things we both love, and reacquainting ourselves to the world and who we are after over a year of traumas and trials was the best part of her session. It was just so good to be able to create in this new space that I worked so hard on with someone who I knew was just as excited to be there as I was.

Before the session, kevlar had been doing all of her portrait work by herself during the pandemic and said "getting in front of someone else's camera without the ability to constantly check every shot was a little scary."

Thankfully once the shoot started she relaxed. By the second look, she felt like she was fully in her element again. By the 3rd look, it was like she "never took a break from modeling and all of [her] comfort and knowledge was back."

(This orange set is from one of our favorite lingerie companies, playful promises)

I'll be honest, I was super nervous going in to this session myself. This new studio is so different from our previous spaces and it was something I invested A LOT into. I had lots of nerves that all of the things I worked on weren't going to read on camera or the lighting was going to be awful... all of the anxiety was in full force. Thankfully with the help of Kevlar (and poppy who you'll be seeing soon), I got to dive in and let all of those fears go. I tried new things and fell in love with this new home all over again.

We got to do so many fun looks and got really creative during our session and a lot of potential clients ask about what their gallery may look like, so I am sharing Kevlar's full set with all of you!

Did you know you could wear this robe when you book your session with us? (Contact us for details)

(Get this lacy yellow set from Freya)

I asked Kev to give some advice to anyone thinking about a boudoir session and she said, "Even if you aren't quite sure if you are ready... if you think you are almost ready, do it! It is one of those things like diving into the water, it will always be a little cold, no matter how many times you've been in the pool."

(This gorgeous robe is by Catherine D'Lish, The bra and panty set were custom stoned by KevlAR!)

And last, but certainly not least.... here were some fun nighttime shots we got for a true video vixen inspired set!

(Kevlar also made this super sexy red set!)

(this set with a very special message is also from our favorites at playful promises)

*PHEW* I told you there were a lot of beautiful images in this blog post!

If you're interested in a boudoir session, send us an email or contact us here.

Snag one of our awesome grand reopening deals here.

Kayleigh Kay


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