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Our Grand Reopening!

I am so excited to finally be back and shooting again and share with you all our new home studio!

The studio is located in Grayslake, IL. It's smack dab in the middle of Chicago and Milwaukee (about an hour from each).

*Read all the way through to see our incredible reopening sale!!

As many of you know, the end of 2020 brought on some pretty big changes in my life. The love of my life proposed to me on a pier at the lake I've grown up going to, we started looking at houses, I lost my grandmother, Found this home and decided to take the plunge.

The home buying process was absolutely insane... our closing was pushed back 40 days... there was a lot of uncertainty... it definitely took a toll on my mental health, especially while trying to grieve.

When we finally were able to open the doors of our home for the first time, it made everything we went through worth it.

Though that's when the real work began!

Painting, new flooring, the dishwasher going out a week into moving in... the fun stuff of being a home owner (lol).

The new studio has so many rooms and spaces that were revamped to provide a unique and fun space for all of our clients!

It is no longer just one room with a bed, wall, and window... The new home studio has 3 rooms totally dedicated to boudoir plus some bonus rooms.

We have a new classic sitting room with a blue velvet couch, a bedroom that is totally customizable with different backdrops, sheet colors, and more, we have a shower and bath set, and our absolutely amazing glamour room with a gallery wall, vanity, and "widow robe" so you can feel like a movie star.

In the summer, we will even be able to offer some fun pool sessions!

Check out our amazing grand reopening sale here and stay tuned for blog posts featuring these two beauties!

I hope you all love the new space as much as I do and we cannot wait to begin photographing all of you beautiful humans!

Contact us with any questions or to book your session today!

Kayleigh Kay

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