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All Bodies Are Beach Bodies

You all... I don't even know where to start on this incredible photo experience. But I guess I'll begin with what inspired our "All bodies are beach bodies" photoshoot...

Recently, one of my biggest inspirations did a body positive campaign in Canada where the image was used on a freaking BILLBOARD(!!!!!!) Teri Hofford shared this beautiful image of women of different shapes and sizes with the hashtag #sunsouttumsout during a time that so many of us see ads and images trying to promote how we have to get our bodies "beach ready".... to which i say.... effff that!

Teri's billboard made me want to share that same kind of self love with Chicago. So I held a free photoshoot at Montrose Beach where everyone was welcome.

I got to photograph 17 incredible people, 3 of which were people who joined us after seeing the shoot going on while walking down the beach! There were so many good vibes and energy throughout the day that I will never forget. We had laughs, cheering, people screaming how the person in front of the camera was a sports illustrated model... and some bloopers thanks to the waves surprising some of us (lol)

Thank you to everyone who made this shoot possible and for the absolutely amazing experience.

And remember... All Bodies are beach bodies

models: TAMARA u., Leila Marie, Jane love, Heather Wilson, Carina Shero, Pauly D Ike, Adedolapo Odunsi, AMY HARBER, Miss A, Gordon Libido, kILLISTI lAA bRUJAA, gABRIELE bALBOA, jUAN gONZALEZ, Jenny Lenea, shantae Smith, Grady Sawyers, and richard barboro,

Special thanks to Maddy and Rou for taking behind the scenes (those will be coming soon)

Kayleigh Kay


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