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Bathed Beauties

Be careful, your screen may get fogged up from how steamy this blog is!

Today I have a very special boudoir blog post for you. It features some of Chicago's very own Burlesque performers, Kevlar B lighting, Poppy Seed, and Ruby Claret. They are gorgeous and confident humans who were an absolute pleasure to photograph.

To prepare for these sessions, each babe picked out a color scheme and then i hit lush for their bath bombs and got fresh flowers so they could bathe in luxury. Poppy Seed and Kevlar B Lightning also wore custom pasties by leopard lightning, a great sparkly touch.

A bath session is the perfect way to relax and feel sexy at the same time. They're great as a stand alone set or to do as the last look for your boudoir experience. You get to rest in the warm water, surrounded by the scents of your bath bomb, and moisturize your skin.

let's get to these pictures!

- Kevlar's Make up by Katie Michelle

contact us to book your boudoir experience and for more details about our bath or shower set!

Kayleigh Kay


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