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Dharma T. Urgey

Today is a very special day for Dharma T. Urgey!

It's her BIRTHDAY!!!

So of course we knew that this was the perfect day to share photos from our first session together (spoiler alert, she's coming in for a birthday session in a few days).

We had talked a few times regarding setting up a session, but all of the cards finally fell into place when i was looking for someone to be a part of my stripped down course. We did a special study on motion for her first look, which of course our luxury robe was the perfect outfit to just twirl around and dance in.

In fact, it was her favorite part of the session.

"I LOVED wearing the floofy robe! It’s not something I’d typically wear but it was so fun to get super dolled up and go out of my comfort zone. Those are some of my favorite pictures from the session! "

The rest of the session, we focused more on her and her personal style and documenting her mastectomy tattoo by Annie Cogdal.

My main goal was to help her feel absolutely beautiful and comfortable with her new body and to empower this amazing woman who survived breast cancer.

While she was nervous going into the session like many of our clients are, after it was done, she said, "My session with Kayleigh was incredible! I was a little nervous going in since it had been a while since I had done anything like this and my body had changed recently due to breast cancer and everything that it took to get through treatment. Kayleigh was so encouraging and positive and made the entire session so much fun. I completely forgot to feel nervous and ended up having the best time and laughing through most of the session. Kayleigh helped me pick outfits and poses that made me feel strong and beautiful. It was an incredibly empowering experience."

When i tell you all i cried reading that on her post-session questionnaire, i mean I sobbed.

Helping all of you beautiful humans out there find a love and appreciation for your body and beauty is hands down the best thing about what do. I am so thankful for all of my clients who put their trust in me for these intimate sessions.

I also asked Dharma if she had any advice for anyone else thinking about booking a session and she stated, "Go into it with an open mind and Kayleigh will take care of the rest!"

I promise, I will be there with you every step of the way!

Kayleigh Kay


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