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Flirty Babe: Dorian Ames

Today I have a very special Session blog post for you.

It features Dorian Ames, a dazzling and confident woman who was an absolute pleasure to photograph.

As you can see, she is extremely photogenic.

She may look familiar to you because she was at our empowerment session, this time, she decided to do an experience all of her own.

Dorian brought a few outfit options for the session and I loved them all!

We decided on photographing her in two beautiful bodysuits and a custom corset with her vampire ball queen crown and a headpiece made by her! (seriously, check out her work here)

We spent a lot OF TIME talking beforehand, and decided to go for a session that was a little more moody and sultry compared to her last session. I definitely think we were able to capture that!

When asked about her experience, Dorian said, " The atmosphere of the studio is so warm and inviting. Most importantly, you walk away from your session feeling empowered and beautiful... even before you see the photos.

I'm glad to hear she had such a positive experience!

Without further adieu, Check out Bim Bam Boom's 2019 Vampire Queen, Dorian Ames!

Thank you Dorian for all of the laughs and trusting flirty boudoir for this self love experience.

Kayleigh Kay

P.S. Did you know Dorian also paints adorable pictures of your pets?

Here's our studio mascot, IZZE AS THE QUEEN SHE IS


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