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Just me... RAW

back in July I was accepted to be one of the official photographers for The R.A.W. Project. it has been one of the biggest highlights of my photography career.

If you aren’t familiar with the project, RAW sessions are intimate portrait sessions where the client is totally stripped down from all of the hair styling, make up, and retouching of a typical boudoir session. We photograph you as you are to show your natural beauty and time remind you that while getting all dolled up is fun, you can be just as glamorous without it!

When it comes to the edting, all I do is make it black and white.

I’ve been so lucky to photograph many people for this project, but I’ve never had my photo taken that way.

so during our stay in place order, I decided to have brian help me out in doing my own RAW session and share my experience with you all. We even did my first look live on Facebook!

I have been modeling as a hobby since I was 16, I did a lot of glamour work in my early 20s, but haven’t done a lot of it over the past few years, so I was pretty nervous to get back in the front of the camera.

like most people, I have some personal insecurities... especially because my eczema has been acting up on my face lately and I had my front two teeth bonded as a teen that have since cracked and stained. I always feel like that’s the first thing people see when they look at me and is something that I always end up photoshopping on myself.

thankfully, brian is such an amazing partner who really made me feel beautiful and helped put my mind at ease while shooting. I had completely forgotten all about my insecurities and just flowed through the posing and directing him on some of the angles I photograph from.

Then it came time for selecting the photos to use and making them black and white. I thought for sure when I looked at the images I would just see those things, but I didn't! I was amazed with how I looked, I felt so beautiful!

it was just such a great reminder of why I do what I do for all of the people that come into my studio... and while I truly recommend a boudoir session for everyone... doing a RAW session definitely should also be done at some point in your life just for you!

Contact us for details on how to book your own RAW session when we open up our studio again!

Kayleigh Kay


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