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Empowered Women Empower Women

On June 29th of this year, I Hosted my first empowerment session for flirty boudoir and couldn't be happier with the results.

We had 10 (mostly) strangers get together at loft 3 for mimosas, girl power anthems, snacks, and an incredible photoshoot.

It was such an honor working with all of these beautiful people. The amount of support and positivity that beamed from each of them was contagious. We shared lots of laughs, smiles, and everyone was cheering eachother on for each person's solo photos.

That wasn't even The best part of this photoshoot though... my favorite part was how all of them bonded and created friendships that i hope will last a lifetime. they were all connecting on social media, created a group message on facebook so they could share pictures and behind the scenes with eachother... and i still continue to see many of them commenting on eachother's posts words of wisdom and kindness.

I cannot wait to do one of these again! Stay tuned for our next empowerment session theme and applications!

Models- Katie, Jo, Dorian Ames, Gabi, Ashly (make up by Jude Ann, hair by Britney Wilhelmi), Echo Voxx, Kevlar B Lightning, Poppyseed, Kristina, and Sarah

xo- Kayleigh Kay


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