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Boudoir, it's Not Just for the Ladies

Boudoir isn't just for women here at the flirty studio!

We believe that every body and every person is worth of being photographed and deserves to feel good about themselves with a professional boudoir session.

We were so excited when Sam came back to our studio for this shoot!

He and I have done some fashion work together in the past, but having him trust me for something more intimate was such an honor.

Sam said he was "slightly nervous" at first because this was something so different from what he usually shoots and he wasn't totally sure what to expect. But after we walked through the inspiration for the shoot, coaching him using a little breathing exercise, and posing directions, he started to feel super comfortable and he felt It "helped create the most beautiful images"!

Our inspiration for the session was Calvin Klein meets lazy Sunday in bed. I couldn't agree more with Sam when he said "There’s nothing like going back to the basics!" in his hanes tank top and hollister jeans.

"My boudoir session experience was incredibly easy and FUN! Kayleigh made modeling boudoir for the first time feel like second nature."

He felt confident, vulnerable, and "like himself" during our session.

Sam said his favorite part of our session was being outside of his “comfort zone”, all while NOT actually feeling uncomfortable. "Actually, for this being my first boudoir shoot, Kayleigh managed to make this one of the easiest shoots to be a part of to date!"

Again, I cannot begin to express how great this session was... And it just goes to show you that you don't always need to be dressed to the nines to look damn good!

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Kayleigh Kay

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