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A Session Fit for the Tiger King

Recently, a fellow boudoir photographer challenged her Facebook group to do a photoshoot as if we were someone from the Netflix docuseries ”Tiger King”.

Teri wanted us to explore what a self-love session for one of the subjects in the show would be like. She wanted us to remember that even though some of the show was larger than life, and many of us have been entertained by the series, they aren't characters... They are real people.

We as boudoir photographers want to embrace the things you love and make you, you. that includes big cats, leopard print, and sequins.

I decided to take on the challenge of being Joe Exotic. While he has some fantastic glamour shots we got to see on the show, I wanted to portray a more fashion-forward boudoir session fit for the tiger King (or queen).

Joe Exotic had many looks throughout the series I wanted to include, so I went with three outfits:

- A casual day in flannel and denim enjoying some pizza and beer.

- Some glamorous, show-worthy sequins

- Big cat printed intimates with a little bit of sparkle

Of course I also included some faux fur and Izze made an appearance as my very own tiger cub.

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Kayleigh Kay


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